Escape Room VR

În camerele noastre de evadare VR, vei putea experimenta o aventură captivantă și plină de provocări, într-un mediu virtual imersiv, folosind cele mai noi tehnologii de realitate virtuală.

Toate experiențele de tip Escape Room VR sunt disponibile doar în limba engleză. În fiecare echipă care participă ar trebui să fie cel puțin o persoană ce are un nivel minim de cunoștințe de limba engleză.


Prin designul ergonomic, sunt concepute pentru proiectat pentru confort și redea fiecare fiecare detaliu grafic și audio prin opțiunile 3D Spatial.

60 minute

Timpul alocat pentru o experiență tip Escape Room este de 60 de minute. În acest timp echipa ta poate rezolva toate puzzle-urile și provocările.

6 stații VR

Unitățile centrale prevăzute cu procesoare I9, plăci video dedicate, zeci de GB RAM și SSD-uri sunt pregătite să redea orice experiență VR.

Vârstă minimă recomandată: 12 ani

Recomandăm experiențele VR persoanelor care au peste 12 ani. Timpul optim zilnic pentru VR este de aproximativ 60-90 minute.


Christmas is under threat! Santa has got caught in a blizzard, he has lost all the presents and cannot find his way home. Only you can save Christmas.

To help Santa find his house, you need to light the lights on the biggest Christmas tree in the forest. However, before you do that you’ll have to get to where Santa lives in the North Pole and get everything back in order. Find out why the magic elves refuse to work and the presents are not getting to the children.

Hurry up to revive the first Christmas tree along with Santa’s best reindeer!


Save Notre-Dame On Fire is a virtual reality escape game that recounts the historic rescue of Notre-Dame de Paris during the fire that almost destroyed the cathedral on April 15, 2019. This escape game is based on the movie “Notre-Dame On Fire” by Jean-Jacques Annaud and seeks to pay further tribute to the Paris fire brigade who helped make the game immersive and authentic. For 45 minutes, become a firefighter who saves the cathedral and its most precious treasure: the crown of thorns. Look for the sacred relic’s safe, a well-kept secret; navigate the nave in flames after the spire collapses; then ascend the North tower overhanging Paris and relive the last chance mission in the belfry.


Two or four players team up and have 60 minutes to find a way out of a vast Aegean coastal cave where the legendary ship of the Argonauts is anchored. To successfully escape, players must use cooperative teamwork, problem-solving skills and precise timing to solve riddles and find their way out of this room-scale experience. Players start the adventure by choosing their avatar from among six diverse characters, and can customize them with Ancient Greek accessories.


An expedition led by Sir Beldon Frye disappears somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. A team of four and a dozen local porters were looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka… Or more precisely, “something” that should have been there. They were never seen again. Using the simulation reconstructed from their DNA memory, your team will put themselves in the shoes of the explorers. Find out what happened to the expedition. And more importantly, locate what they were looking for.

In the game, 2 or 4 players team up and have 60 minutes to find a way out of the pyramid of Nebka. Players will live a larger-than-life adventure. An adventure that would be far too dangerous or just impossible to live in real life.


he Dagger of Time takes place in the setting of the Prince of Persia Trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, The Two Thrones). Players are summoned to the Fortress of Time by Kaileena to stop an evil Magi. Kaileena restores and gives the Dagger of Time to the players so they can reach the Hourglass Chamber and use it to stop the Magi.*

TDOT is an experience built around cooperation between players of all ages to achieve a shared goal. Collaboration is essential: you cannot succeed without your teammates. Being able to listen and communicate effectively is absolutely key to success.

In the game, two, three or four players team up to find a way out of a reimagined Fortress of Time. To succeed, they need to work together and solve puzzles. The puzzles will require players to interact with objects in their vicinity, climb, and use certain powers, such as the time control.


Take part in the maelstrom of events and put yourself in Alice’s shoes! Plunge into a world of real magic! You have to uncover the secrets of the Queen of Hearts, who has cast a spell on Wonderland’s time. Drink a shrinking potion and follow the White Rabbit through the twisted mazes of the world behind the looking-glass, where everything is turned upside down. Help the Hatter, who stuck in time, to sort out the mess at the mad tea-party. The Cheshire Cat will guide you through the enchanted thicket of Dark Forest. Save the fairies who know the secret of the evil queen by using the tips of the wise Caterpillar. Find a way to sneak past the card guards into the castle filled with tricky traps to defeat the Queen of Hearts, lift the spell from the main clock tower and save the Wonderland.


If only we could change the past, or witness the events that changed the world… Is it possible to change fate? Travel back in time to see if you can change the situation from which, it seemed – there was no way out. What happened on the night of the accident? What happened afterwards? Find answers to questions that have remained unanswered until now. The ghost town of Chernobyl can tell you its story… A story which cost lives. A disaster that still affects us today…

Jungle Quest

During a walk in the park, you found a portal that leads to the mysterious world. An amazing sanctuary populated by animals appears in front of you. But how do you get back?

To find the way home, you have to solve a series of puzzles and explore the mysterious world of flying islands.

The Prison

Your police force team has been cracking down on criminal gangs for years and taking no prisoners. The last major operation left several corrupt police heads rolling. Therefore, glory is just one step from oblivion. You’ve been framed and put in jail on trumped-up charges. Your friends still have their freedom though. The escape plan is all set, and now you’ll need all the courage, all the cunning and all the luck you have to get to freedom and clear your name. And to carry on your fight for justice.


You were planning an unforgettable vacation trip with your friends. However, you did not expect it to turn into a survival quest. Lightning struck the plane and it crashed next to a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. The cockpit transmitter is malfunctioning and doesn’t let you tune it to the radio wave you need to call for salvation. Who knows how long you will have to wait until the search team finds you…

In the meantime, you are shocked, frightened, and suffering from hunger. There are no supplies and nothing but wild nature around you. The weather is getting worse and you need a place to hide. Use your critical thinking to survive. Investigate what can be found on the island and how it can help you to stay alive.

Signal Lost

The connection with the secret research station “Asgard”, orbiting the Earth, was unexpectedly lost five hours ago. Later on the station moved to a fading orbit. It is just one hour left until “Asgard” will enter the atmosphere of our planet. If the station falls on Earth, it will lead to millions of victims. You are a part of emergency team that has to restore the operability of the station systems, required to correct the orbit. To make this possible, your consciousness will be digitally integrated into the experimental model of engineer robots, which luckily are now being tested on another orbital station close by.

What is hidden inside the space station that now appears lifeless and where did its crew disappear? Find answers and repair the main on-board computer to prevent a disaster.

Mission Sigma

Secret services have located and neutralized a known terrorist who has been hiding out in a deprived area of the city for the last ten years. This is where the good news ends. It turns out that on the roof of an abandoned high-rise the maniac has installed a nuclear warhead with a timer on it.

The building itself has been turned into a tower filled with intricate traps and obstacles. You have been recommended as a specialist in such puzzles, and the secret service has helped you infiltrate the courtyard. The rest is down to you.

Can you get past all the traps and preempt a nuclear attack?


It’s the beginning of the 22nd century.

Society has collapsed amid rapid technological progress. People are modifying their own bodies extensively. Corporations war with one another over data, which has become the most valuable commodity on the market.

Your group, made up of cyborgs equipped with special skills, has decided to steal some rare data from the archives of an influential corporation. Infiltrating the complex unnoticed, you must get to the archives and download the stack memory. But there won’t be anything easy about that.

House of Fear: Call of Blood

Prepare to embark on a gut-wrenching journey through the corridors of the Delusion Psychiatric Clinic, a place forever marred by a gruesome terror.It was a chilling Halloween morning when the clinic’s walls witnessed an unspeakable horror: lifeless, blood-drained bodies of both staff and patients scattered everywhere. The police investigation reported that two individuals were missing from this macabre scene – the clinic’s director and a 12-year-old patient named Emily. Will you unravel the truth with your sanity intact, or will the darkness of the Delusion Psychiatric Clinic consume you forever?

House of Fear: Cursed Souls

A house with a suffocating atmosphere… rapidly flickering lights and intimidating noises emanating from the walls, though no one is inside. Eerie whispers. Sudden angry shouts. Shadows moving in the darkness. A total darkness of the unknown. The deeper you dig into the story of The House, the more The House enters your soul. The dead need the living. They need you.  
A mysterious and brutal murder in a small town shocked the locals. Rumor has it that one night occultists killed the entire family and cursed their souls, imprisoning them forever in the walls.  Can you solve this intricate mystery? Are you truly ready to explore every corner of this dark and gloomy place to free the poor unfortunate souls of the family? Think long and hard. Should you fail, The House will devour your soul forever.


The world of H.P. Lovecraft is full of dark places and mystical creatures that you should stay away from. You received a letter from your close friend Anna, a detective conducting an investigation of mysterious disappearances in the nearby forests. Now you have no other choice but to do everything to save her. In the letter she asked for your help and then you never heard back from her again…

You are about to conduct your own investigation. It is time to visit an old abandoned monastery, where the cult of an ancient deity settled. You will have to risk not only your life but also your soul when you encounter the mysterious force that slumbers in the dungeon of the empty monastery. In order to find out what happened to your friend and get away from paranormal phenomena you will have to face horrifying secrets this dark sanctuary hides and solve ancient puzzles.

House of Fear

Night. An abandoned dilapidated cabin in the woods. Cobwebs in the corners, dust on the floor, dilapidated furniture and… not a single living soul.

From the looks of it, the house has long since been abandoned, but is that really the case? You try to understand what’s going on here but you understand only one thing – this house isn’t going to let you get away so easily. Looking around, you see that the doors and windows are shut, there’s no electricity, and the dying flicker of the candle is barely enough to light the murky room.

To your horror, you realize that you are caught in a trap. Someone’s silhouette flashes in the dim light of the candle… Or was it a trick of the light?

Are you ready to conquer your fears and delve into the secrets of this murky place?

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Ce este un escape room?

O experiență interactivă

Un Escape Room este o experiență de joc interactivă care se desfășoară într-o încăpere și are o anumită tematică generală, o poveste, în jurul căreia se petrece acțiunea. Activitatea este destinată echipelor, iar scopul este rezolvarea unei misiuni.


Pentru rezolvarea misiunii, participanții trebuie să găsească indicii și informații și să le pună cap la cap, să rezolve puzzle-uri și să coopereze pentru a găsi soluții. În urma rezolvării șirului de provocări, misiunea va fi îndeplinită.

Provocări mentale și distracție

Activitatea de tip Escape Room oferă o combinație captivantă de provocări mentale, descoperiri și adrenalina provocată de cursa contra cronometru, oferind o experiență distractivă și memorabilă pentru toți cei implicați.

Alte experiențe Escape Games Arena

Escape Room

Descoperă secretele antice ale Piramidei Blestemate sau ia parte la o aventură plină de peripeții în lumea piraților și găsește colierul de smarald înainte să fie prea târziu.

Board Games

Colecția noastră cuprinde zeci de board games din diferite categorii. Indiferent dacă îți plac jocurile de strategie, creative, colaborative etc. sigur vei găsi ceva pe gustul tău.


Escape Games Arena oferă soluții multiple pentru organizări de evenimente. Fie că este vorba de locația noastră sau de cea a beneficiarului suntem pregătiți cu diverse soluții. Astfel, indiferent dacă ești interesat un eveniment corporate sau family, contactează-ne.